Wedding Reception Games

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Published: 13th January 2011
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Wedding ceremonies and the following receptions can be very formal, somewhat stuffy events. Remember, however, that this is your wedding day. Is there any reason why every moment should not be filled with your personality?

Although games are an uncommon addition to a wedding reception, they can be the determining factor of fun and personality. Scheduled games increase guest participation and make for some long-lasting laughs. Make sure your photographer is ready with the camera, for these games will be moments you won't want to forget.

A normal "game" played at a wedding reception is the glass-tapping, bride-and-groom-kissing game. Everyone knows this drill. Someone taps on their glass which starts a chain reaction around the room. The sound of the clinking glass demands a kiss from the married couple.

There are plenty of creative ways to change this game, however. Instead of clinking glass, require the guests to sing a song to get the bride and groom to kiss. This provides reception entertainment as well! Or, leave a pair of dice at each table. On various breaks, one couple rolls the dice. If the dice lands on an even number, the bride and groom kiss. If the dice lands on an odd number, the rolling couple kisses!

Trivia question games are a lot of fun and do not have to be reserved only for the wedding shower. Guests will enjoy answering questions about the married couple. A prize is not necessary but an added bonus to the game.

If you have a DJ at the wedding, musical chairs is an active game which can be played. People of all ages can get up and play this well-known game. You can even switch it up by requiring guests to do certain things such as standing on the chair instead of sitting when the music stops.

For a bride and groom who like adventure, set up a scavenger hunt around the reception location. Give each guest a list of the things they must find, questions they must answer, or tasks they must accomplish. If you want to give a real challenge, make sure the hunt will last throughout the reception. The first to complete the list wins a prize.

Wedding receptions do not have to be formal dinners with little activity. Instead, enjoy the time with your family and friends. Playing games is a great way to add life to the party without letting things get out of control.

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